no. 1 Our Philosophy

Our brand philosophy is all about having fun. When you walk into Pearl Street, you’re walking into our living room. What motivates us is seeing our customers having a good time connecting with others while enjoying great drinks.

Life isn’t always easy, so we’ve designed Pearl Street Game & Coffee House to be a place where people of all ages can come to take a break. We’ve created an atmosphere that is conducive for people to talk, interact, and play games face-to-face because we believe games promote personal communication. Our vision is locally oriented, and to that end, everything we do is locally sourced. Local contractors did the remodel of the coffee house, our coffee is roasted in Louisville, the bakery treats are from Southern Indiana bakeries, and the smoothies on our menu are homemade. We are about facilitating conversation in the local community by bringing people together who once were strangers.

no. 2 Environment In Mind

Handcrafted Designs

Pearl Street Game & Coffee house isn’t your average cookie-cutter establishment. From handmade wooden Scrabble tiles to Geeky collectibles used as decor, we wanted an aesthetic that made us different. And we wanted to respect the environment by using recycled materials and repurposed building supplies.

Repurposed Wood

As our building was one of the houses moved in downtown Jeffersonville to build the walking bridge, we knew we’d need something special to give it a new look. So we bought a barn from an Eastern Kentucky farm and repurposed the wood from it to finish the remodel. There are only four original studs left on the inside walls. We added support beams, wrapping them with cherry wood that we had found in the rafters of the barn. All of our inside walls are structured from milled barn wood.

Recycled Materials

We recycled the metal roof of the barn to now be the wainscoting in our coffee shop. While we preserved all the original hardwood flooring, our ceiling is all made from whitewashed pallets we reclaimed from a warehouse in Jeffersonville. The granite countertop and the tile in the bathroom are reused from other local remodeling projects.

no.3 Community Involvement & Local Sponsorships

Here at Pearl Street Game & Coffee, community involvement is important to us. We believe when we support local businesses, we all win.

Local businesses build community identity by bringing charm and a personal touch to our shopping and dining scene in Downtown Jeffersonville. We know our regulars by name, and we create goodwill in the neighborhood by establishing good relationships with other business owners. When foot traffic increases to one business, the other businesses profit. And keeping our tax dollars in our community contributes to our economic development. This is why Pearl Street Game & Coffee is committed to sourcing from local vendors and staying involved in our community. We also maintain close connections to the community by donating to events dedicated to preserving the historical aspects of Downtown Jeffersonville, such as the Chocolate Lovers Stroll and Chili Cookoff. Pearl Street Game & Coffee also features local artist’s work and promotes the arts through contests for children. Our internship program with local schools gives young people a chance to learn the industry while still in school. We are also actively involved in sponsoring community causes by donating to the Back the Blue 5k and Dogs Helping Heroes.

Fully Branded and Custom Blended Coffee

Our espressos are made with Sunergos coffee beans, while Fante Coffee supplies our drip coffee. We always have three Fante blends on tap: a light Honduran blend, a dark Brazilian blend, and a rotating blend each month. Some of our monthly rotating blends include The Resolution, Love Potion, March Madness, and April Fools’.

Partnerships with Local Businesses

As a local business, partnerships with other businesses in the community is integral to our core values. Not only do we use beans from Louisville coffee companies, but we also source our pastries, breakfast foods, and lunch options from local bakeries and cafes.


In a restored historical home with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, our expert baristas prepare steaming house brews and seasonal hot & cold drinks, with all the extras you may choose. And if you’re hungry, we have decadent pastries, cheesy breakfast burritos, and fresh turkey wraps, as well a variety of snacks. We keep it fun around here with free Wi-Fi and our geeky tip jar with weekly voting on nerdy topics that bring out the competitive side of both our guests and team members.