no. 1 Main Events

Here at Pearl Street Game and Coffee House, we are more than just a place to grab your brain juice. (Although we have plenty of that too!). Keep scrolling to find out more about the community gaming events we offer.

Pearl Street Game and Coffee House creates an atmosphere where individuality and nerdiness are appreciated. While we have an assortment of events on our calendar, our rotating main events are the Open Game Night, Friday Night Magic, Saturday Open D&D, and the Sunday Standard League. All our main events are first come, first serve. For our rotating main events, we provide everything you would need to play the game of the event, with the exception of Sunday Standard League, which you will need to supply your own deck. For our Open Game Night, we feature a game of the Game Champions choosing and have them teach you how to play the featured game. Our Magic events are the only events where there is a cost associated, and the leagues last between each set release, about 12-14 weeks. There is always an employee who is knowledgeable in attendance, as well as a dedicated host and manager involvement. You will often find the owner Andy or manager Jordan involved with the League as well.

Choose a Game & Play!

Once a month, we have an Open Game Night here at Pearl Street Game & Coffee House. All are welcome to attend these events, no registration is required. The game changes month to month and is determined by the Game Champion.

We are always looking for passionate gamers who know and love games to be a host. We want to encourage people to learn to play new games and connect with the community. So if you are passionate about a game and want to host a game night with us, please contact us. All hosts will receive a Game Champion t-shirt.

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Friday Night Magic The Gathering

Every Friday, we host an open night for Magic the Gathering. This complex card game has become a cult favorite with its 25 years of history, art, heroes, villains, in-depth story, fantasy worlds, and battles.

Here at Pearl Street, we take our games seriously, but also sometimes we just like to play for fun. Join us for Friday Night Magic to find your own unique path to victory.

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Open Dungeons & Dragons

Created in the 1970s, Dungeons & Dragons has become the most popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Whether you’re just curious, or already a game master, please join us every Saturday at noon for our D&D open play. We supply everything you need, but you’re welcome to bring your own supplies if you wish.

“The secret we should never let the game masters know is that they don’t need any rules.” Gary Gygax, Co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons

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Magic Constructed League

Our Sunday Standard is a Constructed League event for Magic the Gathering. This is an entry fee event with prizes, and each player brings their own 60 card deck.

At Pearl Street, Sunday Standard is continuous, which means your points are accumulative. We keep a running total on the wall, and winners can cash out. Through attendance and performance, even someone originally in 4th place could potentially win — if you keep showing up.

no. 2 Upcoming Monthly Events

PLANNING A GAME NIGHT? Reserve a table with us to ensure you have a spot to play games or cards, and enjoy your favorite coffee beverage of choice.

Planning A Game Night?

Reserve a table with us to ensure you have a spot to play games or cards, while enjoying your favorite coffee beverage of choice.